Cider Compering to Beer & Wine

  1. Cider can be found in the clubs, pubs and in taverns
  2. In markets you will find Cider in the beer section
  3. Products are mostly bottled and canned beer like
  4. Price of Cider is closer to beer than with wine
  5. In most cases alcohol percentage are similar for cider and beer

Everything is different, except fermentation:

  • It’s looks like beer;
  • Alcohol percentage is 4-8%;
  • Sold in beer like bottles and cans;
  • Is Sold in beer like pubs, clubs, taverns and on the same market shelve;
  • Unlike beer, Cider can be found with dozens of different tastes;
  • Efficient and Effective – Because cider can be made from different fruits and fermentation process requires 2-6 months’ period, it can be made several times a year;
  • Successful – The first alcoholic drink of the 19th century America;
  • Is considered as the sweet substitute of beer.

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