Cider Making Countries

Cider making is a popular tradition across Europe.

In France cider or ‘cidre’ is largely a low-alcohol beverage with a mellow full flavour, while further south in Spain citrusy ‘cidra’ is all the rage.

Ever-popular in the UK bars are ciders hailing from Sweden. Made primarily with apples, Swedish ciders come in a whole heap of fruit flavour like apple and blackcurrant, lemon and lime, and mixed berry. These tend to be a lot sweeter than the ones we’re used to.

Pear is also a popular cider flavour among the bottled drinks but that’s not to be confused with Perry. Where pear flavored cider is made mostly with apples, perry is a beverage made entirely with pears specifically grown and harvested for a delicate summery drink.

Cider is very popular in USA and Asian Countries (In Singapore Cider is one of the most popular drinks).

Cider is also produced in Russia, where one of the biggest player is the brand “St. Anton” (

The production of crafted cider is growing across Ukraine which started in 2016.

You can find newly emerged local cider pubs such as:

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