Cider Making Process

Cider drinking has seen a revival in recent years and the tipple can stake its claim in many apple-growing countries across the globe. Here’s everything you need to know about the fermented juice of the humble apple.

How cider’s made

As with wine, cider is produced using fruit and a fermentation process.

Fermentation means that fruits—in this case lovely apples—are squashed until the juice can be drained, after this very sugary juice is extracted it’s fermented with yeast to produce alcohol.

The liquid then goes on to filtering and carbonating processes, and perhaps a bit of sweetening to produce the final product.

Slight alterations to yeast type and apple variety, the lengthening and shortening fermentation times, will produce the range of tastes.

While the basic process doesn’t change, you needn’t stick to the average draught of fizzy sweet stuff when there is so much on offer.

Video: How to make Cider at home

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